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Welcome to Island Boy Adventures
Captains Evvie and Tonio

Captain Evvie Munnings and  Captain Antonio Johnson grew up in Exuma on the water and know the waters of Exuma better than anyone. Exploring the waters and beaches in and around Exuma on one or their trips is an experience not to be missed, as it will create memories of a lifetime  Come with us to see why everyones favorite time in Exuma is with “The Island Boys”

Captain Antonio Johnson 
Captain Evvie Munnings

Trips through the Exuma Cays

• Swim with pigs
• Meet iguanas
• Pet stingrays and sharks

Reef Fishing

• Reef fishing
• Lobster diving
• Deep dropping
• Spear fishing

Harbor Tours

• Full or half days
• Float the lazy river Moriah Harbor Park
• Sandy Cay trips to “Pirates Beach”
• Castaway picnics on your own beach
• Swim with the sea turtles

… endless possibilities, fun for all ages!

George Town, Exuma Bahamas